Naval architecture
Yacht design
Construction supervision
Naval architecture and Yacht design - Ing. Giuseppe Sole


M/Y Jangada 31 m.
M/Y Iliki II 24 m.
M/S Serena 24 m.
M/Y Darnice II 32 m.
M/S White Gull 42 m.
M/Y Sea Sky 24 m.
M/Y Mau Mau 48 m.
M/Y Darnice III 52 m.
M/Y Rima 45 m.
M/Y Sea Sedan 45 m.
M/Y Sahab III 40 m.
Azimut Atlantic Challanger (Blue Riband attempt) 27 m.
M/Y Shamwary 45 m.
M/Y Tully 40 m.
M/Y Argentum 40 m.
M/Y Joalmi 45 m.
M/Y Ambrosia 45 m.
M/Y Tommy 53 m.
M/Y Golden Cell (Benetti Shipyard consultant) 50 m.
M/Y Chamarro (litigation survey / arbitration in Singapore) 31 m.
M/Y Nafisa (refit) 48 m.
M/Y Moneikos (refit) 35 m.
M/Y Nethania (refit) 24 m.
M/Y Long Sea Way (new build Baglietto) 30 m.
M/Y Aquamarine (supervision) 28 m.
M/Y Alouette (refit / engineering up-grading) 42 m.
M/Y Sari (new build-design / supervision) 45 m.
M/Y Till (construction supervision) 24 m.
M/Y Suncoco (refit supervision) 32 m.
M/Y Thalia (refit supervision) 38 m.
M/Y Istranka (refit / design / supervision) 46 m.
M/Y Pearl (major refit / design / supervision) 50 m.
M/Y Darnice III (maior refit / lengthening to 61 m) 61 m.
M/Y Cocoa Bean (refit) 45 m.
M/Y The Other Woman (refit) 62 m.
M/S Cristoforo Colombo (refit) 30 m.
M/Y 37 m YDPM3 (design study) 37 m.
M/Y Tex YDPM4 (new build / design / supervision) 28 m.
M/Y Grace G (new build) 28 m.
M/Y Amalù (lenhtening / transom mod.) 24 m.
M/Y Lady in Blue (stability enhancement) 42 m.
M/Y CBI 35 m (design study) 35 m.
M/Y 43 m Maiora “M/Y Lighea” (design / construction supervision) 46 m.
M/Y 47 ISA 470.2 “M/Y Ellix Too” (construction supervision) 47 m.
M/Y Sairam Benetti 52 m (construction supervision) 52 m.
M/Y GiVi - 60 m CRN - C.120 (construction supervision) 60 m.
M/Y 25 m - Ghibli/Admiral (construction supervision) 25 m.
M/Y CBI 38 m (design study) 38 m.
M/Y Galù (technical management on behalf of the Owners) 52 m.
M/Y Lady al Maha (refit project in Turkey) 46 m.
M/Y Gattinvidia (construction supervision) 24 m.
M/Y Gin Tonic (refit project) 38 m.
M/Y Amoha (ex Argentum - refit project / MCA upgrading) 40 m.
M/Y RC (warrantee works / upgrading project / court case) 41 m.
Yacht build ISA 470.6 “M/Y Axioma” (construction supervision) 47 m.
M/Y Altair (appraisal survey) 61 m.
M/Y Force Blue (upgrading / stability enhancement) 63 m.
Yacht build Rodriquez Collezione (ship qualification / construction supervision) 38 m.
M/Y Papinou (CBI Navi / stability enhancement) 37 m.
Yacht build CRN C.126 (new design / supervision) 59 m.
Yacht build Baglietto C.10198 (supervision) 34 m.
M/Y Titan (pre-purchase survey) 60 m.
Yacht build Rodriquez C.386 (construction supervision) 38 m.
Yacht build Rodriquez C.386 bis (design assessment / construction supervision) 40 m.
M/Y Floridian (ex Aussie Rules) (pre-purchase survey) 70 m.
M/Y Titan (major refit / surveillance / design) 60 m.
M/Y Nou Nou (pre-purchase survey) 48 m.
M/Y Nou Nou (upgrading of roll stabilizing system) 48 m.
M/Y Constance - Benetti BC 20 (pre-purchase survey) 36 m.
M/Y Lady May of Glandore (asset valuation) 34 m.
Ice class tags - Damen (ship qualification / construction supervision) 26 m.
M/Y Jipelee VII (marine casualty / court invest. / total loss) 31 m.
M/Y Galù (major refit / design / supervision) 52 m.
M/Y White Pigeon (refit) 36 m.
M/Y Warlock (assistance in litigation) 25 m.
M/Y Freedom (marine casualty / court investigation) 30 m.
M/Y More (fire investigation / insurance claim) 45 m.
M/Y Sea Force One (marine survey / repair spec. / litigation) 53 m.
M/Y Simon Fraser (asset valuation / conversion budgeting) 70 m.
M/Y La Bella Sara - Benetti BT 21 (pre-purchase survey) 30 m.
M/Y Golden Cell (shipyard consultant / project management) 50 m.
M/Y Blue Eyes (construction supervision / warranty works supervision) 60 m.
M/Y Sirhamy (repowering) 42 m.
M/Y VITT (pre-purchase survey / supervision of upgrading works) 26 m.
M/Y Albatros S (condition / pre-purchase survey ) 46 m.
M/Y Sasha (budgeting) 24 m.
M/Y Freedom II (condition survey) 21,5 m.
M/Y Cosmo 50 Project (lightship weight and stability analysis) 50 m.
M/Y Darnice III (refit works survey) 60 m.
M/Y Elysium (lightship weight and stability analysis / inclining experiment / maneuvering test / re-issuing of stability information booklet) 50 m.
M/Y GiVi (construction supervision/warranty works supervision) 60 m.
M/Y Delfina - Akhir 25s (asset valuation) 25 m.
M/Y KT – Falcon 90 (pre-purchase survey) 27 m.
M/Y Masayel (hull lengthening feasibility study) 35 m.
M/Y Nightflower (Engineering of the new main engines exhaust system) 35 m.
M/Y South Paw C (Pre-purchase / condition survey) 35 m.
Rizzardi 73 Ht (Asset valuation) 22 m.
M/Y Rose Pigre (hull lengthening feasibility study) 28 m.
M/Y Victory V (up-grading to roll stabilizer syst. /assistance in litigation) 50 m.
CRN 134 (pre-contract activities / towing tank tests / construction supervision) 54 m.
M/Y Torlak 33 (Feasibility study/preparation of construction drawings) 34 m.
M/Y Queen Mavia (refit project management/budgeting/up-grading works) 56 m.
M/Y Aqualibrium (hull lengthening feasibility study) 40 m.

M/Y Blue Eyes
M/Y GiVi
M/Y ISA Axioma
M/Y ISA Ellix Too
M/Y Lighea
M/Y Sairam
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I myself and my motivated colleagues, we all have clear in mind the priorities of our Clients, be them Shipyards or private yacht owners.

We realize that knowledge, straightforwardness, professionality and efficiency are at the top of the list with a leading position to be given to the love for the boats and the sea.

Be curious and move forward in this site to know more about us !!

A summary list of our main projects

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In the current set-up of his professional activity Giuseppe Sole performs:

• preliminary design work / feasibility study of yachts of any size;

• design packages;

• consultancies and other services.

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Enrolled with n.° A1734 as Naval Architect / Marine Engineer to “Ordine degli Ingegneri” - Provincia di Lucca - Italy
Enrolled with n.° 41 to Coast Guard roll of Technical Personell of Shipbuilding Activities - Capitaneria di Viareggio - Italy
Court Surveyor - Consultant of the Judge for Shipbuilding / Yachtbuilding / Marine Casualties - Court of Lucca - Italy

Via dei Mille, 10 - 55049 Viareggio (LU) Italy - ph. +39 0584 384218 - fax +39 0584 385128 -
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