Naval architecture
Yacht design
Construction supervision
Naval architecture and Yacht design - Ing. Giuseppe Sole


In the current set-up of his professional activity Giuseppe Sole performs:

  • preliminary design work / feasibility study of yachts of any size including:
    • concept design / virtual prototyping
    • general arrangements / outline profiles
    • building specs
    • analisys of performances / velocity predictions / weight breakdown / trim and stability analisys / hydrostatics etc.
    • body plan of hull and superstructures
    • construction costs analisys

  • design packages including:
    • constructional drawings of hull / superstructure structures and relevant calculations
    • constructional drawings of systems / piping and relevant calculations
    • constructional drawings and calculations of mechanical equipments
    • development of engine room lay-out
    • drawings and calculations of ventilation / air-conditioning systems
    • optimization of hull lines and appendages
    • development of detailed construction specs

  • consultancies and other services:
    • appraisal / pre-purchase surveys
    • marine casualties investigations
    • litigation surveys
    • project management / construction supervision / refit projects
    • inspections / sea trials (noise tests, plate thickness survey, thermoanemometric surveys, dye-tests)
    • post delivery assistance
    • preparation of yacht's operation manual



Concept and virtual prototyping:
Gamma Sigma 43
Gamma Sigma 56
Gamma Sigma 70
Construction supervision
Marine casualties
Tank testing
System/Engine room layouts
Acqua mare
Air system
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I myself and my motivated colleagues, we all have clear in mind the priorities of our Clients, be them Shipyards or private yacht owners.

We realize that knowledge, straightforwardness, professionality and efficiency are at the top of the list with a leading position to be given to the love for the boats and the sea.

Be curious and move forward in this site to know more about us !!

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In the current set-up of his professional activity Giuseppe Sole performs:

• preliminary design work / feasibility study of yachts of any size;

• design packages;

• consultancies and other services.

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Enrolled with n.° A1734 as Naval Architect / Marine Engineer to “Ordine degli Ingegneri” - Provincia di Lucca - Italy
Enrolled with n.° 41 to Coast Guard roll of Technical Personell of Shipbuilding Activities - Capitaneria di Viareggio - Italy
Court Surveyor - Consultant of the Judge for Shipbuilding / Yachtbuilding / Marine Casualties - Court of Lucca - Italy


Via dei Mille, 10 - 55049 Viareggio (LU) Italy - ph. +39 0584 384218 - fax +39 0584 385128 -
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